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The deathship has a new captain - 2CD Artbook


Released: 9.26.14

Strictly limited 2CD book edition of "The Deathship Has A New Captain" with enhanced artwork, liner notes and many yet unreleased bonus tracks.

Tracklist of the book edition:
Disc1 - The Deathship Has A New Captain
1. A Shadow Arose
2. The Night Of The Living Dead
3. Wolfmoon
4. Metropolis
5. Elizabeth Dane
6. Horror Of Antarctica
7. The Lone Night Rider
8. The Grand Devilry
9. The Deathship Symphony

Disc2 - The Deathship Serenades & Demo Versions
1. A Shadow Arose (Version 1904)
2. Wolfmoon (Version 1904)
3. The Lone Night Rider (Version 1904)
4. The Deathship Symphony (Version 1904)
5. The Grand Devilry (Version 1904)
6. The Lone Night Rider (Demo 2002)
7. Metropolis (Demo 2002)
8. The Night Of The Living Dead (Demo 2002)
9. Elizabeth Dane (Demo 2002)

Live At Wave Gotik Treffen 2004
10. A Shadow Arose
11. The Night Of The Living Dead
12. Wolfmoon
13. Metropolis
14. Elizabeth Dane
15. Horror Of Antarctica
16. The Grand Devilry
17. The Deathship Symphony
18. The Lone Night Rider

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